Katalin Mali organist

Ars Poetica:

"Music is clean and true. It is not important on what instrument it is played if the one who plays believes in it. When music begins all our past, present and future will open for us. It will transport us to places we always wished to go, to find ourselves, to find each other, to find God."

Mali Katalin

"Music is like life, cannot be touched, cannot be owned. You cannot grab the moment because it has expired. It does not contain things that are mine or yours. It has its past and its future but its present is evasive. You cannot return to it like you would to a painting or to a sculpture, your grandchildren cannot re-read it like a book or letter. Ever since we have been living we always wanted to own, perpetuate things and we never want to die. The wish to own, to perpetuate, we want to live the permanence and bring it into our everyday life. But what would happen to us if identical springs would come year after year or the embraces of lovers would be the same? Music is going through us, much like time, we would be the poorer without it because the like music, we are also unique but transient, unrepeatable."